Businesses need immediate working capital not only to operate, but also to grow and flourish. Mōmentum provides working capital to business owners with fast, smart financial solutions. Receive immediate funding based on your potential for growth rather than your current financial circumstance. Gain Mōmentum.


Benefits of factoring

Unique Insight
Growing a company can be challenging when immediate cash is needed. Take advantage of the unique financial insight our managing partners provide as experienced entrepreneurs who have faced the same challenges you are facing right now.

Security and Stability
Your business’s financial future is important, so you need an A/R financing company that can be counted on as a dependable, long-term business ally. Mōmentum is a debt-free company with a proven track record of sustainable growth, making us a reliable financial partner. Secure your future today!

Straight Forward Fees
As a business owner, you don’t have time for complications. Our funding process and fees are simple and straightforward so you can concentrate on growing your business instead of sorting through unnecessary jargon. Discover the Mōmentum Difference today!

Specialized Service
Your business deserves service tailored to your unique needs. Each Mōmentum client has a dedicated account executive to help you manage your account. You’ll also have 24hour access to our online system. Get the attention you deserve with Momentum. Contact us today.