How to Prepare for a Vacation as a Business Owner

How to Prepare for a Vacation as a Business Owner


As an entrepreneur, taking time off can feel like an impossibility. However, with a bit of preparation, the business can continue to thrive, and even small business owners can get the break they deserve.

Pick a Slow Time of Year

Depending on your business, you may choose to close up shop completely while you’re away. If you’re staying open, plan your vacation for the time of year when you’re least needed. Minimize the impact your vacation has on the business.

Most construction projects happen during the summer, for example. However, you may want to stay hands-on during the winter to develop new proposals or negotiate future contracts. Do an assessment and decide when you’re most essential.

Let Your Customers Know

Keep in touch with regular clients and give them a heads up about your vacation plans, preferably a week or two before you leave. Communicate and create the opportunity to take care of any last minute needs they have.

Introduce your clients to the staff member they can contact while you’re away. Reassure them if you’re not on-site, you have a “second-in-command” who’s ready to do the job.

Delegate Your Duties

Not every entrepreneur has people with the knowledge and skill to take over while they are on vacation. However, by taking a close look at your day-to-day tasks, you may find many can be passed on to other people. Prioritize customer care and finding solutions to unexpected issues that may come up while you are away.

Prepare for the Worst

Your ultimate fear of taking a vacation may be everything falls apart while you are gone. Create an action plan for emergencies to allow you to take your mind off of your business. Teach your employees how to handle crises when you are off the clock.

Keep in Touch

Stay accessible if it’s your first vacation, even if you’re spending time on a beach with your family. Give staff an emergency number and times when they can call. Setting boundaries, such as only responding to calls at a certain time of day, can help you get the leisure time you need.

Prepare for a vacation by deciding what other people can do on your behalf. Learn to delegate and set boundaries; it is good practice for when you grow the business and have to rely on your team. Now relax and enjoy your time off.

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